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On October 21, Beijing time, the first round of the second round of the Chinese Super League will continue. The defending champion Guangzhou Evergrande will face Hebei China Fortune. In the first round of the contest between the two sides, Guangzhou Evergrande pulled three consecutive goals against the background of the opponent's first goal, and finally defeated the opponent 3-1, holding the initiative of the game firmly in its hands.


In today's game, Guangzhou Evergrande only needs to not lose to the opponent by 2 goals or more, and Evergrande will be able to eliminate Hebei China Fortune and go one step further towards defending the title. In particular, according to domestic media reports, in this game, Hebei Huaxia Fortune captain Zhang Chengdong and Gao Lat will be absent from the background, Hebei Huaxia Fortune wants to block Evergrande's progress is really difficult. Even Nandu wrote an analysis and said that there is no suspense for Hebei Huaxia Happiness, which Evergrande has eliminated but not many. This news is undoubtedly exciting for Evergrande fans. After all, everyone hopes to continue the tradition of champions.


In addition to the above news, another news from Evergrande also excited the fans. Recently, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium's lighting effects film was exposed. From the effects film, we can see that the new stadium with a total investment of 12 billion and a capacity of 100,000 people is as dazzling as a diamond under the lights.


It is reported that the appearance of Evergrande’s new stadium adopts modern morphological techniques to cut gem-like multi-faceted shapes. From different angles, it looks like a “laurel crown” tailored for Guangzhou football. Inspired by the top American masters with the "double lotus" design, the football field contains the traditional Chinese cultural character of "nobleness, tenacity, and unity", and is entrusted with the beautiful vision of "lotus blooming and winning consecutive laurels". And this design concept also continues Evergrande’s consistent ingenuity in poster design, both in terms of beauty and connotation.


In addition, according to official information, after the completion of the new Evergrande stadium, it will be comparable to the major stadiums in the world. In addition to the construction area of ​​about 300,000 square meters, this stadium will also be labeled as "the largest, the highest grade, the most complete supporting facilities, the highest technological content, and the largest number of fans."


It’s worth noting that Evergrande’s new stadium is not strictly a “court”, it is more like a world-class sports and cultural complex. There are not only the world’s top professional stadiums, but also children’s world, cultural and entertainment, There are 122 categories in 8 major formats including international cuisine, which can fully meet the leisure, sports and cultural consumption needs of fans and tourists after completion. At that time, Evergrande fans from all over the country will not only be able to watch the home team's game here, but also experience the world's top cultural gluttonous feast here, and I believe it will also become an Internet celebrity check-in place in the hearts of many fans.


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